Badlands National Park Photo Copyright Kevin Quinn


The Badlands.
One of the most desolate and rugged areas in the nation, this picturesque landscape is the remnants of an ancient sea.  

Today Badlands National Park consists of mixed prairie grasslands and tall, steeply eroded buttes and pinnacles.  It’s home to one of the largest fossil deposits in the world, including ancient rhinos and the saber-toothed tiger.  In addition to the preserved prehistoric residents, the park is home to a wide variety of mammals and reptiles including big-horn sheep, buffalo, pronghorn, deer, and rattlesnakes.  

Mornings in the Badlands are magical.  It’s serene and tranquil, yet also the time of day many animal residents in the Badlands are most visible and active. Additionally, it is the coolest part of the day, as many afternoons in the Badlands become unbearably hot.  For this reason, I typically only do this tour in the early mornings.  

We’ll start the day with a calm ride out to Badlands National Park, generally a little over an hour depending on where in the Hills we are leaving from.  We then spend a few hours winding through the badlands on Badlands Loop Road, making several stops along the way with panoramic views, fossil displays or short hikes before journeying back. There is also an option to stop at Wall Drug if desired. 

  • Tours are around 5 hours. Pricing includes National Park entry
  • Early morning start is recommended
  • 6 person minimum is generally applied
  • Tours are subject to cancellation due to extremely hot or stormy weather, though early mornings seldom experience either problem.

For further pricing information or to make a reservation, call or contact us here.