blackhillsThe southern Black Hills is amongst the most picturesque landscape in the nation.  

Not only is it home to towering granite spires, two of the largest caves in the world, and a pair of world famous monuments, but herds of buffalo, elk, deer, mountain lions, prairie dogs, and antelope also consider this ecological rich area home.  

Again, with so much to see and do in the southern hills, these tours can be catered to your needs or interests.  If time allows, the Wildlife Loop is a must for any visitor wanting to see some of the continent’s most abundant wildlife. Custer State Park is home to one of the largest publicly-owned bison herds in the world.  

The best time for any tour through Custer State Park is early morning or in the evening, as most wildlife is rather dormant during the heat of most summer afternoons.  

Don’t pay attention to the time estimates on the map, as Fiona is slow and these tours will be substantially longer then the estimates listed.  As with all DubBus tours, the tours will not operate in extremely hot or stormy weather.  For a fun and unique adventure in the southern hills check out the Custer State Park Booze Cruise, this tour combines a trip through Custer State Park with stops at a couple of local wineries and craft breweries!

Southern Hills Tours– Morning Tour
We embark from Rapid City heading out Highway 16 through Keystone and up to Mount Rushmore for a quick stop before venturing on into Custer State Parks arriving at Sylvan Lake.  We then head further into the park on Needles Highway, which winds through the towering granite towers with spectacular views of the Cathedral Spires.  We’ll head down to Wildlife Loop Road and slowly make our way through the park.  Completion of the loop will lead us to the famous Iron Mountain Road, driving through numerous rock tunnels constructed to frame Mount Rushmore and spiralling down the legendary Pigtail Bridges, we’ll make our way back up to Keystone and eventually Rapid City.  Tour is about 6 hours.  

  • Six person minimum generally applies
  • Please call or contact us here for information and reservations
  • Riding of buffalo is prohibited on this tour


Southern Hills TourAfternoon/Evening Edition
Same as the above tour, but instead of heading straight to Sylvan Lake, we head a bit further south to Crazy Horse Monument and then back up to State Hwy 87 (Sylvan Lake Rd that becomes Needles Highway).  Once through the needles we cruise through the heart of Custer State Park on the incredible Wildlife Loop.  This trip is almost sure to pass through herds of bison (American buffalo) and scores of pronghorn (commonly referred to as antelope), as well as both whitetail and mule deer, and wild donkeys.  Also, there are frequent sightings of elk and bighorn sheep.  We then drive Iron Mountain Road back up in the twilight with the option of attending the nightly lighting ceremony of Mount Rushmore Memorial.  Tour is 6-8 hours.  Tour is available by appointment only.  Six person minimum to schedule this tour.

Please call or contact us here for more information.


deadbaby-2913Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park                                                                                                                                                         Photo: Kevin Quinn