Hill City Winery and Brewery Tour

Although not a region known for its wine making, for over a century people in the Black Hills have fermented local berries and fruits into delicate wines. In recent years, people have begun to grow hybrid grape varieties in South Dakota.

Come spend a fun afternoon sampling some of the regions unique creations.

Hill City Winery and Brewery tours include tastings near Hill City at Prairie Berry Winery, Stone Faces, and Naked Winery, with brewery stops at Miner Brewery and Sick N Twisted. Tours generally last 4-5 hours. 

Visiting the Black Hills Wineries is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family! Underage guests are welcome but are prohibited from sampling wine both at the wineries and on the bus.

Come experience all the Black Hills wineries have to offer!

Want to try more?

For more wine, relax into a 50-mile scenic drive up Highway 385 to Belle Joli and Schade Wineries in Deadwood.

Or to try out some more brews how about adding on stops in Rapid City at Hay Camp, Firehouse Brewery or the up and coming Lost Cabin Beer Co.

OR See our Full Day Brewery Tour


Prices start at $69pp+tax for Hill City Winery/Brewery Tour

  • For reservations or questions please call or contact us here.
  • Price includes some tastings
  • Six person minimum generally applies
  • No underage consumption allowed