Black Hills Bachelorette Parties

We love Black Hills Bachelorette Parties!...and we have endless ideas of how to enjoy the Hills and celebrate her last hurrah!

Thinking up a unique idea can sometimes be a challenge, here are some fun suggestions and great ways to enjoy Black Hills Bachelorette Parties, why not...

Gather up the Bride-to-Be's nearest and enjoy the Hill City Winery Tour, plus bring your own drinks, snacks and music onboard. Mix it up and surprise the Bride-to-Be with an Winery/Adventure Tour! We take you out to Rushmore Tramway Adventures to test your teamwork on the Aerial Adventure Park (or other activities of your choosing), then head to the Hill City Wineries to continue the fun. Let us be your designated driver for the night as we cruise Fiona and bar-hop through downtown Rapid City. Take it up a notch and let us help you put together a ridiculously fun scavenger hunt/checklist for the Bride-to-Be and her Bachelorette's to tick off through the night! Got something else in mind? Let us know, we are happy to tailor the event to your ideas.
  • Black Hills Bachelorette Parties
    Enjoying a drink with Fiona!